Concierge Cloud is the most advanced mobile platform on the market. The platform features 70+ pre-built connectors to leading retail systems (POS, CRM, DOM, and ECOM) plus key payment processors and devices. Concierge Cloud integrates, orchestrates, and optimizes data for Concierge Associate by applying a modern, micro-services layer to existing retail systems.

Rapid Integrations

Rapid Integrations

Connect disparate data sources into one unified mobile application for store associates.

Pre-Built Connectors

Concierge features 70+ pre-built connectors to quickly integrate any retail system and surface real-time data to power new customer journeys. New data connectors are built quickly using the platform.

POS Adapter

A unique POS Adapter wraps up existing POS functionality along with all customizations to expose them as REST based services. Works with any POS system. No APIS are required.

Optimized for Speed

The Concierge micro-services layer modernizes older POS systems with multithreading & concurrency, serving as the virtual POS to support many mPOS devices concurrently.

Flexible Orchestrations

Flexible Orchestrations

Construct AI workflows to automatically prescribe activities for associates.

Customer Management

A single view of the customer from CRM, POS, Customer Service, and loyalty systems.

Product Catalog

Weave together product data from multiple systems (ECOM, DOM, POS) into a single view for the associate.

Activity Management

Prescribe activities for associates by orchestrating data from CRM, WFM, and other systems. Automate task assignment and activities based on triggers and workflow set up in Concierge.


Combine data from online and in-store systems into a universal cart.

Fully Extensible

Use Concierge Cloud to command and control the Concierge Associate experience with customizable business logic, fields, workflows and integrations that drive your business.

Secure Private Cloud

Secure Private Cloud

Fully secure and compliant

PCI, SOC Compliant

Although Concierge is out-of-scope for PCI, Concierge and our company is fully compliant with PCI and SOC standards. Furthermore, information is handled to conform to the latest GDPR guidelines.

Enterprise Identity Providers (IdP)

Concierge integrates with existing IdP providers such as ADFS and Auth.0 for Single Sign On (SSO).

Access Control

Enable roles and permissions based on the IdP to secure data based on each user’s function within the organization.

Data Encryption

All interactions to the Concierge cloud are protected over TLS 1.2/SSL and encrypted in transfer.

Proven Scalability and Reliability

Elasticity of our architecture provides automated horizontal scale and performance based on seasonal demands and load.

Optimized Performance and Responsiveness

Concierge employs parallel processing and workflows to quickly build multi-sourced data assets.

Environment Management

Environment Management

Define and manage environments to support multiple brands, outlets, and pop-up stores.

Isolated Sandbox Environments

Separate environments for development, staging, and production provide frictionless rollouts. It also gives customers the ability to A/B test or pilot new features in limited stores.

Real-Time Provisioning

No updates required. Deliver the latest application to the field quickly and seamlessly without operational impact leveraging your existing MDM and the Concierge management portal.


All end points are fully instrumented in Concierge Cloud to monitor API performance and identify opportunities to further optimize integrated systems.

Load Testing

Load testing services fine-tune the solution for peak performance.

SaaS Based Solution

Receive continuous platform updates without disruption to your users. Updates are automatic.



Fully configurable to reflect your brand and unique needs.

Device Agnostic

Concierge runs natively on any device running iOS, Android, or Windows.


Tailor the look and feel of the application to adhere to your unique brand standards including colors, images, and language.


Functionality is configured for specific business rules and processes. Additional languages and payment types are easily enabled.

Flexible & Extensible

Concierge was architected and built with the latest mobile-first technologies and to the best standards so our customers are ready for whatever comes next.


Create superior customer experiences integrating with our best-in-class technology partners