Three Things You Need For A Successful Mobile POS


In Store

Consumers and retailers alike have been anticipating the rise of mobile point-of-sale solutions, but adoption has consistently been behind the expected pace.

This technology’s move into the mainstream has been littered with problems: A lack of clear industry leaders, concerns about security, and the cost of implementation rank among the leading concerns. There’s also the issue of investing into solutions with long-term viability to adapt and grow as businesses — and the overall retail industry — advance.

Those worries haven’t completely dissipated, but mobile point-of-sale is becoming a more common sight in retail stores. Retail anxieties are on the decline, and consumer embrace of the technology is up. Even so, the right solution makes all the difference. Here are three important considerations when shopping for a mobile POS.


Top-Notch Security

Security has always been a top concern for mobile POS, and it remains the most important consideration for any retailer seeking out a new solution. Payment security is even more important than the user experience, because security gaps will compromise any efforts to drive adoption — and it will kill the trust of your consumers in a hurry.

The most important feature, according to Retail Customer Experience, is ensuring that an mPOS tightly controls sensitive transaction data. This means that any credit card data, or other sensitive transaction information, should never be stored in the mobile device’s memory, even briefly. The mPOS itself must contain and protect that data so that it can’t hit the device’s hardware, therefore opening it up to vulnerabilities.

A fully compliant Secure Private Cloud feature is provided with Mad Mobile’s Concierge product.  


Not every mPOS solution is built to grow as your company grows. A good mobile POS solution needs to offer flexibility to grow as your company expands or contracts.

Rigid solutions, or ones that only offer service to a certain degree of volume, aren’t good enough for retail brands whose needs are rapidly changing.

Concierge was designed with exactly this need in mind, giving retailers assurance that scalability will be no obstacle.

Mobile POS should be fully scalable and cost-effective regardless of the volume of your business.

You will be impressed by Mad Mobile’s Concierge MPOS feature and the full suite of Concierge’s Cloud features.


In-store mobile solutions become a headache when they all operate in isolation. Mobile POS is most efficient and convenient when it integrates seamlessly with other digital products and in-store digital touchpoints.

Concierge emphasized this need for integration by building an mPOS solution within the same platform as other consumer-friendly features, such as real-time inventory checks and seamless mobile communications. This integration also benefits the security side of things, creating fewer cracks and weaknesses for security threats to target.

Mobile POS has evolved to the point that it’s an effective part of the in-store retail ecosystem. Retailers just need to make sure they hitch their cart to the right horse.

Seamlessly connect disparate data sources into one unified mobile application for store associates by utilizing Mad Mobile’s Rapid Integrations feature of Concierge Cloud.