Millennials still prefer to shop in-store compared to online despite the high street’s woes, according to the largest ever fashion study conducted in the age group.

Analytics firm Adoreboard, in partnership with OnePulse, analyzed the emotional responses of 10,000 18-34-year-olds and found that 49 per cent preferred to shop for clothes in physical stores, compared to 39 per cent who preferred shopping through websites, and 11 per cent through apps.

Analysts from the Queen’s University used algorithms to calculate an overall score based on customers’ emotions towards brands, like joy, trust, anger and rage.

Factors like sizing were found to weigh heavily on millennial’s opinions of a brand, with H&M and Topshop suffering heavily because of small sizing.

However, ethics and sustainability were found to be vital, with 61 per cent stating it was the most important thing when shopping for clothes.

In terms of advertising, 85 per cent of millennials said they were influenced by social media, with Instagram being the most popular influencer channel.

Meanwhile, 61 per cent distrusted traditional brand marketing.

“There’s been a lot of comment recently about the high street business model failing customers,” Adoreboard’s chief executive Chris Johnston said.

“But our report proves that millennials – those consumers whose spending power will drive retail and brand performance over the next generation – want, need and value that in-person, human, individualised experience.”

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