If your company offers buy-online, pickup-in-store, that’s a great first step toward building a winning omnichannel strategy. But according to a new report, the odds are high that your company’s success with this order fulfillment method has plenty of room for improvement.

According to a new report from iVend Retail, BOPIS order fulfillment has had no problem getting consumers to give it a try: 57.5 percent of consumers in a survey said they use BOPIS to purchase and pick up items. As for their satisfaction with the in-store pickup option, well, there is much to be desired.

Only 31.6 percent of those consumers say that BOPIS is a smooth process. It’s safe to say the majority of BOPIS users are running into any number of roadblocks and headaches, from delays in order fulfillment to incorrect inventories.

If there was any question that BOPIS efforts need to be upgraded, consumers are ready to answer that question: a whopping 92 percent said they thought buy-online, pickup-in-store could be improved.

Give The People What They Want

According to the iVend Retail study, consumers have a fairly decent handle on the types of digital enhancements they would like to see adopted in stores. Nearly half of those surveyed said they want free in-store Wi-Fi to support their own mobile device activity.

Nearly 37 percent would like digital kiosks or self-help desks to use as a resource when shopping in stores. And one-third of respondents said they want retailers to hit them with mobile promotions and offers as soon as they enter a store.

Meanwhile, shoppers continue to use BOPIS order fulfillment, despite its hiccups, for several reasons. The leading factor is to avoid online shipping costs, with 65.3 percent saying they’ve used BOPIS to avoid shipping. That’s a huge statistic for brick-and-mortar retailers, since it demonstrates how a physical presence is an asset against large online-only retailers.

Other top reasons for using BOPIS fulfillment included the convenience of picking up orders at a nearby store, and the option of instantly returning an item if it didn’t meet their expectations.

There’s a long way to go before retailers realize the potential of BOPIS fulfillment. The good news is that the solution is so popular among consumers, they seem willing to be patient if it leads to better, more reliable service.