Consumers love the flexibility and convenience of omnichannel shopping. Both ship-from-store and buy-online, pickup-in-store have enjoyed rapid adoption from consumers who want the experience of shopping online, combined with the convenience of purchasing from a local store.

Retailers are rapidly building out strategies to accommodate these omnichannel experiences. And as they do, new challenges are coming to rise. The infrastructure needed to support omnichannel selling can be a complicated transition for any brand to handle.

Meanwhile, faster order fulfillment windows are creating more pressure to work quickly and efficiently. Some retailers are beginning to offer one-hour order readiness, which is a great way to build more satisfying customer experiences. But this only works when that one-hour fulfillment can be provided to every customer. Lapses in this fulfillment can do more harm than good, underscoring the need for retailers to improve their fulfillment operations.

Building An Omnichannel Management Platform

PaymentsSource has identified a number of solutions brands can implement to handle the growing pains that come with omnichannel selling. A better supply chain management solution is a top priority: Supply chain solutions must be designed to handle brick-and-mortar orders alongside mobile and desktop orders, and to do so quickly, given the accelerated fulfillment cycles caused by omnichannel selling.

Ultimately, a number of systems will need to be deployed to optimize omnichannel management. Delivery systems and transportation management will be critical to handling increased ship-from-store volume.

Business to business payments processing will be needed for B2B sellers, and software management solutions will support omnichannel software solutions.

There will inevitably be bumps in the road, but retailers should be prepared to minimize these complications by building a framework for omnichannel success. As omnichannel services increase, new scalable solutions will be needed to accommodate a top shopping solution for the future.