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MPOS • Clienteling
Assisted Selling • Fulfillment
CONCIERGE is the leading mobile platform for retail store associates. Concierge leverages existing retail systems to empower store associates and launch new journeys for the modern shopper.
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20 - 30%Increase in sales
Turn your store associates into Omni-associates.Bring Omni-channel insights and digital capabilities to the sales floor with a mobile application that enables associates to connect with customers on a personal level and sell in new ways.
Empower store managers with actionable insights to optimize store operations and sales.A virtual command center, Concierge Manager provides a holistic view of key store metrics and real-time associate activity.
Launch mobile-first store solutions with existing retail systems in just weeks.Concierge Cloud is the most advanced mobile platform on the market. The platform features 70+ pre-built connectors to leading retail systems (POS, CRM, DOM, and ECOM) plus key payment processors and devices. Concierge Cloud integrates, orchestrates, and optimizes data for Concierge Associate by applying a modern, micro-services layer to existing retail systems.
LATEST AWARDSCONCIERGE has been honored by the retail industry as the leader in mobile-first retail solutions.
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Customer EngagementRetail TouchPoints
Customer EngagementRetail TouchPoints
Customer EngagementRetail TouchPoints
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