Accelerate Your Mobile Vision

The platform enables us to quickly build mission critical mobile applications by combining enterprise data from multiple sources into a single mobile view.

  • Point and click integration. Connect to and aggregate data from any enterprise system
  • Build complex applications for mobile + tablet
    (iOS | Android | Windows)
  • Create business rules for data access, personalization, engagement
  • Add mobile-specific functions for offline access, data synchronization, and communication

Mad.x provides our customers with the ability to distribute and manage their ecosystem of mobile applications.

  • Enterprise app store for distribution
  • Author, publish, schedule, and manage mobile content
  • Extend your applications using intelligent business rules and open standards
  • Dashboard view of application and data level analytics

Delivery Models

Self-Service You build + manage
Full-Service We build + manage
Hybrid We build, you manage

Connect to any enterprise
data resource

We'll build the API for you or optimize existing APIs. Mad.x is the most powerful enterprise MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) middleware in the industry.

Mad.x also features unique Live Data Mapping™ technology to harvest real-time data from web applications and 3rd party solutions.

The output of Mad.x Integrate is a single lightweight, mobile-first JSON API with key attributes for mobile.

  • Mobile data atomization
  • Caching
  • Image optimization
  • Minification
  • Security policy management

Build Mission Critical Mobile Applications

Mad.x enables us to design and build complex HTML5, hybrid, and native mobile applications in a fraction of the time it takes others.

  • Mobile-first JavaScript template engine
  • Pre-built modules for popular B2C and B2B functions
  • MBaaS plugins for push notification, geo-location, reviews, analytics, and payment
  • Native plugins for camera/scanner, touch payment
  • SDK that’s interoperable with top mobile application development platforms

Content Manager and More

Total control of your mobile content for one or many applications in your mobile ecosystem.

Mad.x enables customers to manage their menu items, edit content areas, and even create new content.

  • Drag and drop menu builder
  • WYSIWYG + HTML editor for content
  • Create and schedule content snapshots
  • Push to staging or production environments
  • Preview mode

It’s a Mobile-First World now.

Integrate and innovate mobile-first with Mad.x.

Enterprise App Store

Your own private app store. Centrally publish, update and control access to your ecosystem of mobile apps.

The Mad.x Enterprise App Store delivers mobile-friendly web interface to:

  • Securely distribute mobile applications
  • Push updates
  • Control access to apps

Business Analytics

Track mobile application performance and user behavior.

Mad.x Business Analytics enables you to monitor key aspects of application performance, track user behavior, and inspect operational metrics.

  • Tracks API call performance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Event logging
  • Memory consumption
  • Crashes

Data Synchronization

Synchronize data between mobile apps and enterprise systems.

Mad.x mobile data synchronization platform keeps the business data in your mobile apps up-to-date by synchronizing changes with corporate systems.

Mobile applications powered by the Mad.x platform can operate in offline conditions using the latest version of the required business data.

Mad.x provides a centralized and consistent model to synchronize data between mobile apps and over 50 line of business systems.


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